A girl is sitting on her bed in her bedroom looking outside the window. A bicycle is hung against the wall behind her.

Our curiosity box

Villa or twenty square metres apartment? Multi-generational or single? A place to sleep or a place to indulge in hobbies? We do research, visit thousands of homes, and co-create with our customers all to satisfy our curiosity about life at home and how we can make it better.

IKEA Life at Home Report

Each year we create the Life at Home Report, a study that helps us get a little bit closer to understanding what people need from their home. In the most recent report, we focused on the impact of the global pandemic on life at home.

Dive into the IKEA Life at Home Report 2020

From small space living to smart space solutions

More and more people are living in less space. We asked Christina Larsson and Britt Monti, Range Design Leaders at IKEA of Sweden AB, to tell us more about how we work to create small space living solutions.

Christina Larsson, Range Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden AB, is wearing glasses and a black shirt. She is smiling.
Guillaume Charny-Brunet, SPACE10’s Co-founder & Strategy Director, is wearing glasses and a black shirt. He is smiling.

SPACE10 – the IKEA research and design lab exploring the future of living

SPACE10 is a research and design lab dedicated to creating better and more sustainable ways of living - with and for the IKEA brand. Here, Co-founder and Strategy Director Guillaume Charny-Brunet talks about their latest projects.