These are uncertain times. We’re all more careful with our wallets, and we’re spending more time in our homes. That’s where es in. Our passion is to help people with functional home furnishing products and solutions at low prices.

This year IKEA introduced more that 2,000 new products for a healthy, safe and multifunctional home. The range includes everything from plant-based “meat” balls to artisan products that keep vulnerable people employed.  We’re proud to offer sustainable products like these at an affordable price.

Times have been tough. With that in mind, we’ve taken action to support communities around the world. And we’re humbled that people continue to shop at IKEA. We are 217,000 IKEA co-workers, and we have worked hard to make customers’ experience healthy, safe and convenient.

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Jon Abrahamsson Ring, CEO Inter IKEA Group

Let’s start with the key figures for FY20:

  • €39.6

    billion in IKEA retail sales

  • 500+

    IKEA sales locations

  • 217,000

    IKEA co-workers around the world

10 highlights from the year that passed

IKEA retail sales reached EUR 39.6 billion

  • EUR 38.8 billion
  • EUR 41.3 billion
  • EUR 39.6 billion

New IKEA locations opened around the world

IKEA new locations FY20

We collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands, businesses and designers – as well as refugees and social businesses

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Our range got a little more inclusive

We launched a better meatball – without any meat!

We offered customers more than 14 million spare parts 

Spare parts can make IKEA products last longer – which is good for the environment and people’s pocket books. This year we also developed a convenient, easy-to-use online ordering solution that makes getting spare parts easier. Customers will be able to access it from the IKEA website this year.

We explored how technology can create a better home

This summer we launched a collection of digital experiments with a range of design and technology studios to explore new ways of making our homes a little tidier. More sustainable. Private, helpful, intuitive. More personal and more beautiful.

our catalogue

Our catalogue celebrated its 70th birthday

This year’s edition of the IKEA catalogue marks its 70th birthday. To help celebrate, it’s turned into something that everyone can enjoy and find useful: a handbook for a better everyday life at home! It’s filled with solutions for people with small budgets and small spaces – but big ambitions for their homes.

We supported our communities and laid the groundwork for a positive recovery